EASA certification since 2018

The heart of our TECCON air division is the design organization. The design organization according to EASA Part 21J is approved under the number EASA.21J.617. This approval allows us to plan, develop and approve modifications, conversions and repair procedures for aircraft in the large aircraft (CS 25), small aircraft (CS 23) and light aircraft (CS VLA and CS LSA) categories.
Our employees in the design organization are distinguished in their work by their extensive practical experience in aviation. This includes, among other things, many years of work in EASA Part 145-certified maintenance organizations and EASA Part 21G-certified production organizations. With the help of engineering expertise and a special understanding of aviation technology, this ultimately enables us to provide a professional and reliable service. One focus here is on joint exchange and an open communication culture, which sustainably supports the development and implementation of innovative ideas.

Our EASA Part 21J certification covers the planning, development and implementation of design work in the areas of cabinchanges, electrical/avionic systemchanges, cockpit installations and support structures. Our team focuses on adaptation and optimization options within our range of services right from the start and involves them with foresight. If a solution is found that benefits our customers, it is proactively proposed. In this way, the visionary and future-oriented strategies of our qualified team of engineers are implemented close to the customer.

EASA Part 21J certification

Thanks to our EASA Part 21J approval, we are one of the few technology service providers authorized to develop or modify aeronautical products. Specializing in industry-specific requirements, we plan, develop and approve repairs, modifications and conversions. This includes electrical, avionic and cabin equipment as well as structural connections.

  • STC
  • Major & minor changes to type certificate
  • Major & minor repairs
  • CS 23, CS 25, CS VLA , CS LSA aircraft

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Our focus in EASA

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3D modeling

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Our focus in EASA

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Our contact persons

Jochen Breidenbach

Head of Design Organisation

Tel.: +49 15111357328
E-Mail: jochen.breidenbach@teccon.de

Falko Spöringer

Chief of Office of Airworthiness

Phone: +49 15111357325
E-mail: falko.spoeringer@teccon.de

Design Organisation allgemein:

E-Mail: designorganisation@teccon.de