Energy Systems

For years, we have been in the middle of the energy transition, which is currently picking up speed once again: Alternative power generation, more efficient use of existing resources, storage locations and media, but above all the utilization and transport of energy are the exciting tasks of our Energy Business Area. The solutions are diverse and decisive for further development.

Because no one knows exactly what tomorrow's energy systems will look like. Will the market remain in the hands of the large energy suppliers or will there be additional, e.g. many small self-suppliers in the future? How do we keep the grids stable and always have enough energy available? Do we create renewable energy worldwide or do we need partial nuclear energy or gas power plants? And then does the e-car or e-heat make sense?

Our specialties

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Power plants


Energy storage

Energy storage

Power grids

Power grids

Energy is our drive

To achieve everything

There is still a lot to be done to ensure that the desire to generate only emission-free energy in the future becomes reality. Especially in network planning. As a result of increasingly decentralized power generation, electricity will not only flow unidirectionally from the supplier to the consumer, but increasingly also vice versa. Load peaks are therefore no longer so easy to determine. Ergo, network planning is a mammoth task that we face. Innovative storage options also play a role here - for example, they store surplus electricity temporarily. And the whole thing is best cloud-based.

Help us and our customers solve these big questions of the future. So that the other companies know what drives them.

Our range of services


  • from smart grid to smart city
  • Supply and demand automation
  • Safety concepts
  • Simulation, test and validation
  • Cloud solutions

Renewable energies

  • Electricity and heat
  • Sun, wind and water
  • modern storage solutions
  • Cloud based storage
  • Self-sufficiency models
  • Hydrogen

Network planning

  • Identification of current and future transportation tasks
  • Network calculation
  • Simulation of the load flows
  • Plan of measures from the ACTUAL to the target network
  • Measurement concept for data and network control

fossil energy

  • Utilization concepts
  • More efficient control of existing equipment
  • Deconstruction and disposal
  • Consulting and accompaniment of change
  • Networking of international and national concerns